A Peacock Speaks

The peacock screams, “Here, here; here I am.  Look at me what I can do.  I can spread my tail (some call it train) into a huge fan.  I can even shake my body while the tail is standing.  Can any bird do that?  I think not.  The beautiful colors, the iridescent shine, of my plume have been the topic of many scholars including the evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin.  What’s the purpose of it?  Whatever it is, I don’t give a hoot.  Let them argue about it to eternity if they wish.  They are not peacocks.  What would they know?”

“I can’t fly long distances with the train attached to my body.  I can’t run faster, making me vulnerable to predators.  Frankly speaking, it’s a clumsy appendage that serves no practical purpose.  You might ask, ‘Why do you have it then?’  My answer is simple, “I have it just to impress my peahens even though it is a real pain in the tail.”

“By the way, men do it too.  They find many ways to impress their ladies.  Just take Valentine’s Day, for instance. On Valentine’s Day men buy red roses by the dozens, knowing very well that they will wilt and dry in a few days.  They also purchase erotic items which I can’t mention here.

My tail is made of up beautiful plumes, and they are my pride.  They are far more beautiful than the roses.  The roses are over-hyped and over-priced.  They come with prickly thorns and their petals fall off right before your eyes.  My plumes stay fresh forever even after they have been plucked.  You can use my plume to mark a book page.  You can even use it on your head as the Hindu God Krishna did.  Despite its many non-strategic aspects, I am proud of my tail.  I am, after all, the king of vanity, like the male gender of the human kind.

Men go to great lengths to attract ladies with their bodies, their wealth and their material possessions.  The number of men going to gym for a workout is far greater than the number of women who go.  It is evident that men are more conscious of their bodies than are their female counterparts.

Men buy expensive toys, like a Ferrari, a Rolex, a Penthouse, a yacht. The list goes on.  Why?  To impress ladies that they don’t have, but wish to have.  In that sense, I am not any different from men.  I too want to have fun with more peahens.  I see a new peahen in the garden.  I have to go.  Ciao!  Let me spread my train.  Here, here; here I am.  Look at me.  See what I can do with my train.  I am doing this just for you, baby.” ***

by Deepak Shimkhada