2108, 2015

A Trip to Solvang

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Before the fall semester madness set in for schools and colleges, my family and I […]

804, 2015

My turn

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Deepak Shimkhada
Indians who are educated and/or religious don’t disrespect Nepal and/or Nepalis.  Only those who don’t fall into those categories do so.  I can vouch for it because […]

1102, 2015

Taxi Ride in Chicago: A True Story Deepak Shimkhada

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During my family and my recent trip to Chicago, we flagged down a taxi from our hotel in downtown to go to Devon Avenue on the northwest side of the city. My family took the back seat and I took the passenger seat […]

1102, 2015

Chicago: A Nostalgic Trip Deepak Shimkhada

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Recently my family and I flew from Los Angeles to Chicago, the Windy City. The purpose was to visit the city we once lived many years ago. So it was a walk down the memory lane, an attempt to reignite our fond and bitter memories of the city.
Winter in Chicago is characterized by bitter cold […]