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1209, 2017

The Goddess Within and Beyond The Three Cities

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The Goddess Within and Beyond the Three Cities: Sakta Tantra and the Paradox of Power in Nepala-Mandala by Jeffrey S. Lidke.  DR Printworld: New Delhi, 2017; Re.2200; USD 57.00(Hardcover); 376p.; 29 color and b/w photos; appendices, glossary, bibliography; index.  ISBN 978-81-246-0876-0

As someone with roots in Nepal, I am drawn to books and articles that deal […]

405, 2017

One Hundred Pennies

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100 pennies
I have never received a $1.00 check from anyone before, so it was a historic moment when I received one this year.  It was a refund check from none other than the U.S. Treasury Department.  Allow me to explain.
Every individual who works in the United States must pay income tax.  I filed my income […]

2704, 2017


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There was Breathalyzer, now there is Textalyzer
While listening to NPR this morning I heard about this new invention called Textalyzer. This is a phone app that analyzes data collected from the cell phone if the driver is involved in an auto accident. Inspired by many auto accidents caused by reckless drivers texting while driving, this […]

2704, 2017

Belief and the Brain

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Belief and the Brain
As alum of USC, I receive its magazine called USC-Dornsife on a regular basis.  In its latest issue which just came out there is a story about Belief and the Brain, based on scientific research.

It’s a known fact that people are hardheaded when it comes to their political beliefs, even when they […]

1801, 2017

When and what to use—RIP or Moksa?

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I am disheartened by the use of the acronym R.I.P. on Facebook by a number of Nepalis when a fellow Nepali passes away.  Do they not know the meaning of the letters RIP or the context in which they are used?  If the deceased Nepali is a Christian then it’s okay to use it, because […]

1801, 2017

To take the DNA or not to take it is the question

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Taking a DNA test is a new craze.  I heard about it, but I wasn’t really keen on taking the test until Riti, our daughter who herself had taken it, asked me to do so.  As she knows me so well, she was well aware that I wouldn’t spend $200 on a kit that requires […]

1101, 2017

Trapped in a Haunted House

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Have you ever been trapped in a room with no hope of getting out?  How would you feel if that ever happened to you?  Please don’t tell me, “I understand how that feels” if you really haven’t experienced it.

When someone loses a loved one or suffers a terrible tragedy, I too often hear people say, […]

401, 2017

Welcome to 2017 Common Era

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On the eve of 2017, Dr. Durga Pokhrel brought up an important piece of information: the association of the New Year with Jesus Christ. Yes, it was definitely the case before the 20th century. During that time a Christian monk started the reckoning system of B.C. (before the birth of Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini, in […]

301, 2017

Himalayan Honey

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Mountains mean different things to different people.  For me, Maha Bhir (Honey Cliff) of Darkha, named after its sheer cliffs, created terror and respect in me as a young boy.

Its cliffs, home to Himalayan honeybees, are awe-inspiring because of their height and difficult ascent.  Large Himalayan honeybees build their nests (beehives) in the cliffs’ crevasses.  […]

2911, 2016

Balancing the three is the secret of a successful life

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Power, wisdom, and compassion are viewed as separate entities in the West.  For example, a man in power generally lacks the other two.  Let us take President-elect Donald Trump as a case in point.

I often wonder the significance of three Hindu deities—Saraswati, Lakshmi and Ganesha—sitting together as a trio.  What’s the reason?  Why not pair […]