Welcome to Mantabvya, my blogging site, where you will find my views on just about every topic from the mundane to the profound. Mantabvya is a Nepali word for personal view—one’s opinion on a given subject. Hence views expressed on Mantabvya are my own. But your comments on them are most welcome. One sided views have no validity unless they are challenged or supported by others. Thank you for visiting my site and leaving your comments. For questions please contact me at dshimkhada@gmail.com

Words have power; words we use can hurt or inspire someone. Words can create both negative and positive vibes. For example, they can inspire or create an atmosphere of love. They also can be destructive, leading to war and hatred.

There is no room for profanity and hateful outbursts on my site. We are civilized and responsible citizens. Please choose your language appropriately.