112, 2020


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1:21 mins
Bee Kick Films Production
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By Deepak Shimkhada
Fight of Fury begins in a big work-out room where young women are throwing punches on men who are pinned to the floor. Shuny Bee, who plays the role of a martial arts instructor in the film, encourages the women […]

606, 2020

As the World Churns

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As the World Churns
By Dr. Deepak Shimkhada
Gur, gur, gur, gur……

Yashoda churns butter while she sings a song.  There is no one around.  It seems Yashoda is enjoying what she is doing.  Nirmala, her neighbor comes in looking for her.  As their eyes meet, Nirmala complains.

“You better restrain your darling Kanhaiya, or else I will spank […]

2705, 2019


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By Dr. Deepak Shimkhada

I have often wondered why Nepalis smile a lot.  Foreigners see Nepalis as happy people even though Nepal is ranked as an economically poor country.  Is economic prosperity then a sign of happiness?

Here are four things I know: Fact 1) A smile is considered a sign of happiness. Fact 2) Many people […]

1407, 2018

Faith in Chains–The Baha’i Faith

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Last Saturday, I was invited to a special preview of Faith in Chains, a documentary about religious intolerance in Iran – especially after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, led by Ayatollah Khomeini. Although Khomeini has long since passed on, under the present government, headed by other Ayatollahs, there remains religious persecution of minor religious groups in […]

607, 2018

Book Review

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Book Review by Deepak Shimkhada

Other Side of Paradise by Kenny Pandey

Vajra Books, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2017

Pages 391

US $15.00


Other Side of Paradise by Dr. Hari Pandey, aka Kenny Pandey, has received an avalanche of accolades from Nepali fans.  How many of them have actually read it, however, is difficult to determine.  A few months ago, for example, […]

206, 2018

What do Elephants and Hindu Temples have in Common?

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What do elephants and Hindu temples have in common? 

As a student of art history, I often wondered when I saw a profusion of the images of elephants in Hindu temples – especially in India.  There are large statues of elephants prominently placed in the temple courtyards, for example, in Kailashnatha at Ellora.  There are […]

705, 2018

Man Becomes a Snake

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Man Becomes a Snake: A Modern Fairy Tale

Today I was reading a story of Nahusha and noticed parallels between him and the current king of Maha Desh.  Many Hindu puranas, as well as the Mahabharata, narrate the story of Nahusha. I felt inspired to re-write it and have taken literary license to embellish the […]

2004, 2018

Womb: The Creative Genesis of Sushma Shimkha

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Nepali artist Sushma Shimkhada was a feminist, a radical, and a rebel who was way ahead of her time.  She began her career in the early 1970s, and her journey wasn’t an easy one.  In Nepal, the profession of sculpture belonged traditionally to males – and as one of the first female sculptors, she constantly […]

1209, 2017

The Goddess Within and Beyond The Three Cities

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The Goddess Within and Beyond the Three Cities: Sakta Tantra and the Paradox of Power in Nepala-Mandala by Jeffrey S. Lidke.  DR Printworld: New Delhi, 2017; Re.2200; USD 57.00(Hardcover); 376p.; 29 color and b/w photos; appendices, glossary, bibliography; index.  ISBN 978-81-246-0876-0

As someone with roots in Nepal, I am drawn to books and articles that deal […]

405, 2017

One Hundred Pennies

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100 pennies
I have never received a $1.00 check from anyone before, so it was a historic moment when I received one this year.  It was a refund check from none other than the U.S. Treasury Department.  Allow me to explain.
Every individual who works in the United States must pay income tax.  I filed my income […]