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2911, 2016

Balancing the three is the secret of a successful life

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Power, wisdom, and compassion are viewed as separate entities in the West.  For example, a man in power generally lacks the other two.  Let us take President-elect Donald Trump as a case in point.

I often wonder the significance of three Hindu deities—Saraswati, Lakshmi and Ganesha—sitting together as a trio.  What’s the reason?  Why not pair […]

1811, 2016

Why do I have problems with Donald Trump?

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I have to admit that this presidential election has given me an opportunity to reflect on society and friends.  Thank you friends, and even some of my own distant relatives, for supporting Donald Trump; I now know the level of your intelligence.  Just like Donald Trump, you care only for yourself.  What about the country? […]