806, 2015

Two Muslims

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2705, 2015

In Nepal, the ax is more useful than the pen

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605, 2015

Who’s protecting the fallen art of the Kathmandu Valley? Be aware of thieves, robbers, poachers and smugglers of Nepal’s Artifacts

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1804, 2015

Non-Resident Nepali Association

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804, 2015

My turn

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203, 2015

Siddhartha Becomes Buddha

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2002, 2015

A Peacock Speaks

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1102, 2015

Was Buddha Born in Nepal or in Lumbini—That’s the Question? by Deepak Shimkhada

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1102, 2015

Taxi Ride in Chicago: A True Story Deepak Shimkhada

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During my family and my recent trip to Chicago, we flagged down a taxi from our hotel in downtown to go to Devon Avenue on the northwest side of the city. My family took the back seat and I took the passenger seat […]

1102, 2015

What Lakshmi got to do with money?

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Tihar is celebrated for five days. On the third day, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped for one’s well-being. Lakshmi, also referred to as Shree, is the goddess of wealth and happiness. However, many people erroneously take wealth for money. People don’t seem to understand the meaning of wealth. Wealth comes in many forms such as good […]